Wheelchair Accessories Toronto Inc.
Wheelchair Accessories Toronto Inc.

Welcome to Wheelchair Accessories Toronto!

Specializing in... Armrests - Headrests - Trays - Commode Seats

- Footboxes - Adductors - Bolsters - Hardware - And MORE!



TRIFLEX - Premium adjustable composite Arm Supports


ARMADILLO - Adjustable metal Arm and Head Supports


ARMADA - Expansive line of composite Arm and Head Supports


ARMADA PLUS - Footboxes, Adductors, Bolsters, Commode


HD - Heavy duty swing away Trays and mounting hardware


CUSTOM - if we don't have it, we can make it for you!





Our products are proudly manufactured in Canada from the finest materials to meet or exceed therapeutic requirements and provide the ultimate in client ergonomic comfort.


Orders and support: Roger St.Clair  phone : 647 710 0046

e mail :  roger_st.clair@yahoo.com

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